Wisconsin minor laws on dating

We found that many states allow parent-supervised underage drinking at home by their children.

"Wisconsin is the only state that allows parents or guardians to purchase alcohol for their children – regardless of whether that child is seven or 20 years old – at bars and restaurants." Health First wants to eliminate the exception, saying the law fuels an unsafe drinking culture and that research shows impaired brain development associated with early-age drinking.

In the State of Wisconsin, minors must stand at least 14 years of age in order to work in what the state considers gainful occupations.

In order for employers of the state to hire minors, youths must first acquire work permits.

What’s at issue here is narrower: how many states allow underage imbibing at bars (and restaurants) at any age.

Based on our reporting, Wisconsin is not alone, though it appears to be a very short list.

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