Updating mac os10 nano

You will see a list of drives connected to Windows. From here, erase the USB drive (you can rename and format the drive any way you want-- it doesn't really matter). (You will only be able to see the file when you select the "*.*" option in the "Files of type" field-- the default "Disk Images" option won't work) Win32 Disk Imager will begin writing the Niresh disk image onto your USB drive.This will probably take 10-15 minutes, though it may take longer, depending on the speed of the drive.Once it finishes, your USB drive will contain a fully bootable version of the OS X Mavericks installer.Follow this step if you're setting up Niresh on Windows.Right now, the newest iteration of OS X is 10.9, known as Mavericks.

Distros are a popular Hackintosh alternative to Unibeast, a better-known installation tool which requires a retail copy of Mac OS X instead.The IPod Nano 7G runs 1.0.2 PC, this is a IOS styled OS but is not the a proper IOS.I don't know if there will be a software update from Itunes for it,but you never know!before the i Phone/i Pod touch) all ran an operating system called 'Pixo': So it is not at all related even to Darwin.The newer revisions of the original i Pod generation (nano etc.) essentially were just "re-skinned" to look more like i OS.

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