Speed dating fsu Pinoys webcam room

On February 17th, Amnesty International, along with their co-sponsor Empowering Women Globally FSU, will be holding such an event in Imagine the unique, fast paced atmosphere of speed dating, but with a twist.

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While it might seem old-school to meet face-to-face, Yates said in a digital world, those interpersonal interactions are even more important.

In a “meeting of the fates,” Yates happened to meet with the CEO of Jellyfish Health, a local medical software company, where he eventually was hired as a software engineer.

“I went from a student to an intern to a software engineer from this event,” Yates said.

PANAMA CITY — Sometimes, an eight-minute conversation can change someone’s life.

It happened to Brandon Yates, who was a computer science major at Florida State University Panama City when he attended one of the school's yearly Fast to the Future speed networking events.

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