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In my case, no Voice booming out of the sky directed me to make better choices; I had to figure that out for myself, somehow. I could not find it in movie version, so here is the novel on which it is based. The Bible must be read with prayer for understanding and conceiving the truth as well as common sense.A young woman gets lured into a Christian cult, and her parents rescue her by having her kidnapped and deprogrammed. One verse that they say if they do not trust God while handling snakes that they will go to hell. Rayne123 You know I have not read that scripture about snakes in the bible.Of course, sects of Christianity could still be cults today - Westboro Baptist Church, for example.Especially when the "religious group" denies members a way to escape, and has one central leader that is psychologically damaging.Say Yes To Life Thanks for your open-minded answer. Cults are basically new, relatively small and radical religions or beliefs.

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Many of the tenets of Christian spirituality (not dogma) are quite lovely.

To recap: in the mid 1990s, I inadvertently joined a cult, putting my life in danger.

I moved away from there to Seattle, where I joined a wonderful church that got me out of several precarious situations.

When I left Seattle, my pastor there said I could discuss these events with him at any time. If I subjected my kids to this, I would be considered abusive, even unfit.

It took me over 12 years to finally get to the point where I could take him up on his offer. Yes, Christianity has helped people with aggression and addiction problems. Yet, if I consider other religions, I'd be condemned to hell. And here are the responses: As with anything, I think it's unfair to paint any group with a broad brush.

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