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Barry pushed his cock balls deep into Liz and filled her ass with another hot load of cum.When he pulled out, the nasty spunk poured down over Ariana’s holes. The tiny redhead was ranting and raving about everything and this wasn’t the first time. ” He picked her up and held her in the air and said, “GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH! Looking at the thick red welts across her back, he dropped the belt. She tried to speak but before she could, he pulled her head up by the pony tail and shoved his massive cock down her throat. ” Ariana Grande’s boyfriend sat on the couch and listened to yet another temper tantrum from his girlfriend. When he finally stopped, he stood there breathing heavily.Ariana was screaming out for Barry to stop but this only made him fuck her harder and deeper.The sight in front of her was almost too much for Liz to comprehend and when she tried to speak, she realized he had stuffed her panties into her mouth and tied her bra around it to keep it in place.After several minutes, he pulled out and dragged Liz over to the bed and bent her over the side of the mattress facing Ariana.The two friend’s faces were only inches away and they looked into each others eyes as Barry shoved his cock into Liz’s ass.

He fist fucked the young redhead until she came so hard, she passed out. He usually just sat there and let her yell and scream until she go too tired to continued but today, for some reason, it had been going on for almost an hour. I ONLY KEEP YOU AROUND BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BIG COCK!!!!! When she came down, her head hit the floor with a loud thud, knocking her out immediately. After a few minutes, he picked Ariana up and carried her into the bedroom. ” The tears flowed, ruining her mascara but this didn’t stop him. After forcing her to clean his cock off, he picking up the belt and struck her several more time. Ever since he started dating the pop singer, he’d been subjected to these tantrums several times a week. ” As soon as he said it, he threw Ariana across the room. He savagely throat fucked Ariana for several minutes before pulling out and showering her with his hot load.She moaned and struggled to get free and when he looked over, he had a sick, perverted look on his face.He grabbed Ariana’s ponytail and turned her head towards Liz and said, “See Liz.

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