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To achieve happiness, right character and success, women need down-to-earth advice to help them learn concrete lessons; they don’t need illusions.Charm and beauty tips abound, but to find real help-to be competent in home, community and business-there is no better place to look than the Word of God. Whether we work outside the home or not, our home should be our haven, a place where we can practice what we learn in the company of those closest to us.(Of course, women learn wisdom from all aspects of life in and out of the home.Many women may have to manage a full-time career outside the home.) Home and family have always been the foundation of civilization.

Women have been struggling with priorities and time management for millennia.Balancing a career and family makes for stressful living.That is why it is so important to remember our priorities and constantly review them. Let’s get specific and see what this chapter of Proverbs tells us.Proverbs -12depict a situation in which a solid marriage leads to success in and outside the home.Strive to be diligent and hardworking, and don’t panic over trivial matters.

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