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wef Tinth Wax)mui' was "an easy target.” "Tiffl specified that the building he was planning on bombing was the - Oklahoma City buildings” said Fortier, of Kingm^ Ariz.

"He said it was an easy tai«t and it was a build- ,. Lunar phase; Last quarter, April 29; 1 6; first quarter, May 14; full, May 22.

Area resident Jim Deshoyers spoke to the com- mission in opposition to the proposed rezoning. Ho moved to Twin Falla when he was just a Thelma t Ihampson He ownedhls own horse ranch In • Thelma. , i Si MAGIC VALLEY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 6 3 0 A b p I' s.'p N AVE WEST • .

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Spokatte : Washington ■ Fq RMQRF/INFQRMATION wianing newspaper columnist whose bic^ oian captured the grin/ - essence of Cblca^ for.

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He was ’ away horn that machinery at the time of the aeddent. and mr Rick excavate a car fibm the lo Mtlne'canal Tuesday. Also at the scene Tuesday was an ‘-inspector'from the U. Times^News staff igriter Paf M ar ca nt o nio ' canbereachedat733^31, Ext242. Maragos, 29, is living in a shelter'at - Grand Forks Air Force Base. has answered our prayers; He’s sent a person as on anony- mous donor.”- The benefactor, has pledged, to give ,000 to every bbiisebolo in Grand ' a gun dealer in Arkansas ’ " as a’ ’^fund-raiser” ' and tb’'He said U was an easy taf^ In this artist's tsm IKIon,-tert Hto Jki court Tbasttoy be to M planned, on'a federal ’ ■ buddii^ in Oklahoma Ofy because.

Donor pledges ,000 to each ; flooded home Kidght-fltdder Nawi Swvtee ' . Tuesday afternoon, he incredulously accepted a; ,000 check from Grand Forks Mayor ' Pat Owens and East Grand Forks Mayar- Lynn Stauss, who were handing out the^ checks on behalf of the anonymbbs! 1 -; Maragos simply said: "It’s amazing.”* I* He was the firn person to braefit from the generosity of a woman who wonts to aid flood victims in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. It/ her ha would blow vp.ahulldlng In OUihonu CKjr.

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