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What if you could turn your i Message group chat conversations into actual group video chat parties? Fam is the first-ever live group video app built inside i Message.

By tapping Fam from your i Message App Keyboard, Fam turns any i Message chat/group chat into a live group video chat room, where an unlimited number of friends can see each other in one screen in the actual i Message group chat.

The company that turned live-streaming into a sensation last year is ready to introduce its next act.

Meerkat, which sparked new interest in mobile broadcasting before sputtering amid competition from Facebook and Twitter, has returned with Houseparty.

Injury: The female eagle returned to the nest in 2013 with an injured left leg/foot. The video was shown nationwide as she defended her unhatched eggs. Temperature: Bald eagles survive in much colder places than Georgia such as Alaska. Help: If an eaglet falls out of the nest or any of the eagles become injured, college officials are required to contact authorities regarding the federal rules for handling bald eagles.

We do not know how it happened and it does not hamper her although she will show evidence of her injury for the rest of her life. No personnel are permitted in the restricted area during nesting season.

Fam is trusted by millions of users worldwide for a reason: its the most fun, easiest, and unique way to connect with the people who mean the most to you. Its the perfect combination :)Full Features:- Supports unlimited friends on group video at once- "Pause" the call to use other apps when chatting- Send to your i Message group chat, tap to chat- Leave "Video Voicemails" for friends to watch- Mute sound / Hide camera for privacy- Flip camera to show friends more Questions / support / suggestions?

The question Houseparty will face now that the company is ready to talk about it is that same one that dogged Meerkat: can it last?Gender: The male eagle is smaller and has a sleek white head. Owl attack: The mother eagle was attacked in the nest on Feb.The female eagle is larger with a head of ruffled white feathers. 18, 2014, by a Great Horned Owl, but did not appear to be injured.Facebook built live streaming into its flagship mobile app, which has more than 1 billion monthly users, a few months later.Suddenly Meerkat was in a three-way fight against two companies with significantly more resources at their disposal.

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