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“That’s when you see all these little red flags,” he said, “and little red flags compound into big red flags over time.” When talking to thousands of women about their relationships, he noticed a common mistake in ignoring red flags early on, choosing the wrong partners, and setting themselves up for unsatisfying relationships.

He believed he could show people how to get it right from the start and connect with the right person for their wants and needs.

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From a young age, Devon Kerns saw the world differently.

“So, you see, there was a consistent theme throughout my life,” he said.

“In hindsight, I feel like my entire life was engineered to bring me into this space of understanding and supporting singles.” Today, Devon leads the single revolution as a professional coach, motivational speaker, and corporate consultant.

Devon’s personal, group, and corporate coaching programs share strategies to connect with singles on a deeper level.

His emotional intelligence allows him to understand and translate the needs of singles into a concise language — which he calls speaking Singlish.

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