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Daniel I hope You’re really proud of yourself for calling the cops on someone who doesn’t have a record, hasn’t harmed you nor your establishment nor anyone inside or around your establishment.

I hope You feel very beautiful and empowered by your actions on today, this isn’t the end, karma is a B*tch and you WILL get yours! We recently had doctors appointments in Kansas City and stopped on the way home at the Starbucks in Belton, Missouri for fresh coffee and to purchase a bag of Starbucks coffee.

after a few hours I asked for the time, Daniel decides to come up in my face and tell me “Generally we don’t allow people to sit in our establishment ALL day, especially when they’re not purchasing anything!

” I told her very calmly “I’m never in your establishment ALL day because I actually have a job!

After my coffee had been ground the way I asked it to be then I was obligated to pay for it.If they had run out of bags (they never had to begin with) a day earlier then they should have pulled their signs down.They offered me nothing in return for their broken promises of something they did not have.I am literally addicted to the caramel macchiato with extra caramel.It’s really a problem when you spend - a week easily on starbucks alone.

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