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8 In pairs, choose a question from The RAP list and discuss it. 9 Remember the names of the days of the week in English. 10 “Mitte” in German means “the middle”, “Woche” means “a week”. Can you guess the meaning of the other words above? Then listen to the programme again and answer the following questions. Listen to the programme and say what the prize is and who wins it. 1 “Animal World” is a TV quiz programme, and Michael Morgan is the presenter. 4 Silvia and Tina, who are now elderly ladies, discuss old times when they were young. 5 Read Nina’s letter on page 45 of your Student’s Book (Part 1) and complete the tables. Many RAP readers wanted to know about the English school system. My parents are staying here for six months, so I’m going to school here.

oranges /iz/ Say these plurals and write a number (1, 2, or 3) next to each one. — If you go to England, you’ll speak English every day.

Schools in the USA and the UK Dear RAP readers, You remember me, don’t you? Now I’m writing this e-mail to The RAP from Denver in the USA.

6 In pairs, discuss what you used to do when you were in primary school and what you do today at school and at home. 7 Read Nina’s letter from the USA and complete the table in your Workbook.

8 — Could you — take out the rubbish for me, please? In North America, for instance, English settlers referred to the Spanish piece of eight reals as the “Spanish dollar”.

Give him/her a piece of advice using the modal verb should. The English changed this word to “dollar” and began to use it when speaking of any large silver foreign coin. In English the word “dollar” was at first used to describe any silver coin. Thomas Jefferson wanted the US to have their own currency. According to the text, for 9 years the USA didn’t have currency of their own. 7 Find in each paragraph 2 sentences with the most interesting information and write questions to them. The word “dollar” has German origin and is much older than the USA and its currency! – When did the dollar become the USA monetary unit?

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