Elucidating the mashup hype definition challenges

For example, the first metric used to evaluate e Commerce sites simply emphasized page views, but now e Commerce sites are evaluated by their cost per click [3].In addition to e Commerce applications, other Web 2.0 applications include Blogs and Wikis, both of which foster communication, collaboration, work processes, and knowledge sharing [1,4,5,6].A review of 60 publications revealed the following six categories of mashup research: access control and cross communication, mashup integration, mashup agents, mashup frameworks, end user programming, and enterprise mashups.The remainder of this paper is structured as follows.

To foster the aggregation of differing information sources a content-syndication protocol (Really Simple Syndication: RSS feeds) was developed and enables web sites to share their content with other applications [7].

During spring 2006, she performed several shows around the United States, and began promoting the record Sunday Love in anticipation of its release.

I'm actually happier she did it than I did it." Shortly after Sparks' album was released Dobson said, "Jordin Sparks just did [that song], which was on Sunday Love, which was very cool.

Hedley announced the tour in support of their new album The Show Must Go which was released November 17, 2009.

Dobson was also heavily influenced by Jay Levine and James Bryan Mc Collum of the Canadian band Prozzäk, who co-wrote and helped produce her debut album.

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