Dziena dating

If not, they will tell tales about restraining orders.

Six years ago, it circulated that Alexis Dziena approached the Los Angeles County Superior Court asking for a restraining order against her parents.

Throughout her high school, she registered in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and had performed in the plays there.

Alexis has an older brother named Alex Dziena who is a musician and a DJ.

The 5 feet 2-inch tall actress has never been shy to show her slim and curvaceous body in bikini and short dresses but it doesn’t seem like she will be showing her body in this movie.

She is playing a character who is blind and falls in love with the guy next door.

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His order was approved by the court and Dziena was prohibited to go not near than 100 yards from claims the fearful BF who just got a restraining order against her.Jeffrey Francis Ausley says he and Dziena had been dating for a few months, but when he tried to end it, she went crazy ...She claimed that her dad and mum were violent towards her and might resort to killing her in order to gain access to her money.Then, it was reported that she said: “I fear that (my dad) will do anything to get my money in his hands.

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